We provide hands off property investment options for overseas investors which prove to be hassle-free investment.




The benefits of ‘hands off’ property investment are plentiful and include: –

1.  Lack of day-to-day involvement

2. Assured rental returns so you know what yields to expect and when Professional management of your assets

3. Access to future developments/investment opportunities

4. Opportunity to buy part of a development where the location and target market has been carefully and thoroughly researched by professional, experienced developers (allowing you to take full advantage of others’ skills in maximising returns through property)

5. Increased opportunities to spread your portfolio and reduce your risk



The “hands off” investment approach is favoured by many investors who have limited time to research potential opportunities and even less time to get involved in day-to-day management. Handing over the day-to-day management of your property assets to an experienced company frees up more of your time to look at the wider picture and to enjoy life (no doubt one of the fundamental reasons you want to invest in property to start with). In effect you are taking a top-down approach, picking and choosing the asset you invest in while the day-to-day administration is taken out of your hands.


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